lampe gras in my kitchen

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Last month, we installed these new lampe gras in the kitchen.  Lampe gras is such a classic french design, it’s not big news it is a favorite in my home, we have a couple more in black.  The feel of a tone on tone white in the kitchen is very pleasing to my eyes, specially in an area I intend to keep very clean and minimalistic. We will see what happens next…



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Fantastik Frank and this lovely Stockholm apartment.  Can’t say this could easily be my home, the aesthetics are so close to mine… See more photos here.


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Today was an amazing day, and with lots of promise.. Horizons are always fresh and leave a sense of infinity that I can barely grasp at times.. Going out to explore is always good.

At the end of the day there’s always something to think about and go back to..  Kitchen objects have always been around my home in some sort of presence that evoke past gatherings and memories, even if they are new, each object has a purpose, a life, and a maker..   that in itself, is a story.  I love my handmade boards and spoons (I carefully picked) mainly because of the asymmetrical and sculptural feel, they remind me of the Art of Miró for some reason,  I love the way they were carefully crafted by sweet Catherine. They’ll be around for a long time..

The vase is by the talented Swedish ceramic and glass artist  Carina Seth Andersson her work and style has have signature allover.  The beautiful copper candle holder by friend Daniella Witte.  Apple branches from my garden.

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