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07 01 17



From an afternoon styling.

Danish sound and speaker by Kahler I’m really happy with the ceramic look and the leather strap on this speaker, it really fits in anywhere in the house where sound is needed.. Thank you Kahler.

Absolutely dreamy scent from Fueguia specially designed for the one and only Ett Hem Hotel in Stockholm, the notes take me to a warm and peaceful mindset that embodies the “home sweet home” feel. I’ve been interviewing it’s founder and there will be more to come on this wonderful scent..

Table by Swedish Domo design.
Art by me.
Brass objects both by Geog Jensen. And wine glass by the lovely Carina Seth Andersson. Lots of reading material. Petrified wood box and minerals from my own collection. #homesweethome


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Still here. And loving the warmth of autumn days..
I just washed my sheep skin with this beautiful wool cleaner, (people who created a cleaner for Filippa K,I wish I got my hands on the sold out bottle)  ..As expected, the wool curled up, and is super soft as you would expect a sweater to be. I’m also adding some more baskets to my straw collection, and the perfect strap I received in delicious brown will be on the wall soon.
The scent here that you cannot (I wish you could smell) is from Storaskuggan another Swedish creative.

Strap by friend Mathilda Clair / Wool wash by amazing Tangent Care / Basket and cork case by Hay Dk.


11 09 16

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From a summer afternoon at home with shadows and fallen apples.   ..mysterious way the wind has, to play the leaves on a tree and captivate those who are watching..

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